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Synod of Dordrecht Poster - 24X36

Synod of Dordrecht Poster - 24X36
Item# synod-of-dordrecht-poster

Product Description

The Synod of Dordrecht (Dordt, Dort) was held in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, from 1618-1619. The Synod was called to respond to the teachings of Jacob Arminius and his followers who were called the Remonstrants.

The Canons of Dordt were authored to respond to this false teaching, and are the source of what are commanly referred to as the five points of Calvinism. These five points are easily remembered by the acrostic TULIP: Total Depravity Unconditional Election Limited (or Definite) Atonement Irresistable Grace Perseverance (or Preservation) of the Saints

This is the first poster we have produced. It is printed on 100 pound cover stock paper (very thick), and is an impressive 24"X36" (2 feet X 3 feet).

The central engraving depicts the Synod, and on either side of the engraving is the registry of commissioners and delegates who attended and took part in this historic synod.

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